MOVIE: 5 Oct 2022 / dedolight Scissor Clamp

dedolight Scissor Clamp

Lighting Cameraman Pete Burns shows the benefits of Dedolight Scissor Clamps. With a shaft length of 6.25", the Dedolight Scissor Clamp with 5/8" Stud allows you to hang a light from the supporting framework that holds drop ceiling panels. Pete Burns, based in the Midlands, UK, has over 25 years of creative image making in broadcast and corporate television. Pete has filmed for all the major British broadcasters and many international channels. Check out more from Pete Burns at:


18/09/2022 Backgrounds for Interviews
Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with great looking backgrounds to film interviews. Lighting Cameraman Pete Burns shows how. UK, Midlands based, Pete Burns has over 25 years of creative image making in broadcast and corporate television. Pete has filmed for all the major British broadcasters and many international channels. Whether part of a large crew or solo filming, Pete approaches every job with the same passion, always shooting sequences that cut together seamlessly. He is passionate about working with light and owns an extensive range of top-notch lighting equipment. ...

31/08/2022 Dedo Super Sale
Here you will find anything you need for lighting:, complete sets, brand new, tested, warranty, or ex-rental; equipment that will last you forever. In the Dedo Super Sale you will find dedolight focussing lights: indestructible, many accessories, everything you dream of for lighting - and much more. All at an absolutely one time unique price. On offer in the Dedo Super Sale: * The best of dedolight: including the dedolight DLH400, DLH200. DLH4, DELD7-Bi lights, dedolight Ledraptor soft light * Perfect non-dedolight equipment * dedolight travel kits * Optics and cameras * The incredib...

24/08/2022 Poker Game
Short film, beautiful cinematography, great story with twist at the end. Lit using dedolight Lightstream. Duration 1 min 45 secs.

27/07/2022 Dungeons & Dragons Tower of light: exploring natural reflections
Thanks to Francois Aubry, filmmaker, screenwriter & special effects artist, for providing the excellent movie showing how to work with miniatures, live model, and chroma key, using tools unique to dedolight, and his own ingenuity and creativity!

20/07/2022 Introducing: dedolight Lightstream Table Top
Cinematographer Dedo Weigert demonstrates the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system, showing the individual pieces which makes up the system and how these work together. This range of tools is originally conceived to serve the traditional table top tasks, with an added variety of effects and efficiency, enhancing the creative approach, tremendously. In its basic configuration, the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system consists of 2 × 8 Watt Ledzilla focusing lights, which can be bi-colour lights. These lights can be fitted with the parallel beam intensifiers to co-operate with a ric...

04/07/2022 Latest from dedolight: DTN Neo, Neo Color, Prolycht collaboration
Recorded at Cine Expo Europe in Munich, July 1 2022, this piece shows the latest developments from dedolight with the NEO family and Prolycht collaboration. Presented by Raffael Pollak, lighting designer at dedolight in Munich, we see the latest products and results which can be achieved. Also featured is dedolight optics on the Prolycht Orion 300 FS and Orion 675 FS lights.

26/06/2022 Overview of the dedolight NEO family
This short video provides an overview of the dedolight NEO family. The dedolight NEO ballasts represent the next generation of dedolight technology, and will improve light control, dimming, and usability of LED lights across the dedolight range. We also see dedolight NEO color - the result of technological cooperation between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht. dedolight NEO color features six colour management guaranteeing accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs and also the magic of varying the gamut of a white point. These are latest tools coming to market from dedolight and the N...