Garri Bardin: animation director, screenwriter, producer

Choose subtitles in English, German, Russian from the controls in the player above. Garri Yakovlevich Bardin is a Soviet and Russian animation director, screenwriter, producer and actor best known for his experimental musical and stop motion films. A master of detail, an experimenter and a minimalist, Garri Bardin has dedicated his life to making animation films stressing the theme of freedom (or lack of), from the Soviet times to this day.


16/05/2023 Dedo Weigert highlights presentation Berlin 2023
Live presentation Berlin, Germany, February 2023. Dedo Weigert talks about current products, collaborations and also looking towards the future.

23/04/2023 Virtual reality production and the concept of infinity lighting
Working with the dedolight Lightstream system one can create the illusion that the light is coming from very far away. This is achieved by working with parallel light in combination with reflectors. When the light hits the reflector, the distance of the light to subject creates the illusion of infinity lighting, which is lighting from a far distance. This is shown in the video above, using the dedolight Lightstream system, groups of reflectors, in combination with Prolycht lights and the Chroma Link app, which allows tracking of color temperature in realtime.

10/04/2023 dedolight NEO: key features
dedolight NEO is now shipping. This is full-featured and represents the next generation of dedolight technology designed to improve light control, dimming, and usability of LED lights across the dedolight range. Now one universal ballast will drive all 34 of the latest dedolight LED lights from 20-90 watts, whether they are monocolor, bi-color, infrared or ultraviolet; deep smooth manual dimming down to 0.1%; plus many more features listed below. Note: the chapters below can be accessed using the on-screen navigation controls immediately below the movie: * Check Firmware * Lock Funct...

01/04/2023 Maximising The Source: understanding reflected light
Essential viewing for those wishing to learn about reflected light and the dedolight Lightstream system. This presentation tells how photographer Taki Bibelas came to understand the value of reflected light early in his career, to then refine this into his own workflow. This is presentation is packed with information and real-world examples showing just what can be done with dedolight Lightstream. Thanks to Taki Bibelas for this stunning presentation! Taki Bibelas started as a fashion photographer in Paris, having worked for major magazines around the world. He has since worked in filmmaki...

20/03/2023 The Power of Reflection: demonstration of dedolight Lightstream Table Top
Recorded at the dedolight International Agent Meeting, September 2022, this demonstration shows dedolight Lightstream Table Top at work, how the system works, and the results which can achieved.  Thanks to Arastoo Givi, DoP and lighting educator, for this fantastic demonstration. Based in Iran, Arastoo has worked as a DOP for documentary films and teaches photography, lighting & cinematography at universities and Colleges.

27/02/2023 Tools for Table-Top Magic: demonstration by Francois Aubry
Recorded at the dedolight International Agent Meeting, September 2022, this demonstration shows many tools from the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system and how these can be used for high-class product lighting. Thanks to Francois Aubry for this fantastic demonstration showing what can be done with the right tools, knowledge and mindset! Based in Canada, Francois Aubry is a screenwriter, visual effects artist and filmmaker. Francois has worked in the film industry for over 35 years, extensively as a cinematographer and also in visual effects.

19/02/2023 dedolight PB70: a magical light (part 3)
Part 3 and the final of the series: dedolight PB70 a magical light, presented by Sean Boyriven, Dedolight California. Sean explains the benefits of working with the dedolight PB70 and dedolight Lighstream system, and how the the only way to really experience and understand the system is to get it in your hands and try it out: "It has just so many perks for our industry that it's hard to list them all. You have to let it speak for itself but you also have to try it out. You got to get it in your hands, you got to try it out because once you see it you get it, a sense of how special ...