dedolight DLED2: magical light

The dedolight DLED2 is an integrated unit which can be easily powered by Sony NPF battery; a detachable soft box can be used to turn what is a hard light into soft light; furthermore an imager can be attached to the front of the light to enable use of gobos, projected patterns, and other effects.  This setup shows 3 x dedolight DLED 2 lights and how quick and easy it is to produce pleasing results, with bi-colour lighting which can be powered by battery or mains. This is precision lighting, which weighs very little, which you can take anywhere to enhance your filmmaking potential and ab...


02/12/2021 Lighting setup: matching light on the subject to complement ambient light in the room
This set-up complements the fireplace lighting, with several lights used to create the overall result. This clearly shows how, with a little effort, one can transform something which is a dark non-descript scene into something with character, mood and feeling.

16/11/2021 Lighting Set-up: creating the silhouette
This demonstration shows how easy it is to create an effective result with a minimal amount of equipment. This simple 2 light set-up, mixing tungsten and daylight, shows how to create a defined silhouette with lighting effect on the background. Equipment used: dedolight DLED4 Dedolight DLED4 with DP2.1 projector attachment

07/11/2021 3 movies: each lit with dedolight Lightstream
The content in these short films demonstrates dedolight Lightstream in action. 3 short movies, each showing what can be achieved with with the unique qualities of reflected light. 
Thanks to filmmaker Tibor Kormany for providing this excellent content. Check out more from Tibor Kormány at link below:,-the-western,-the-thriller/522305600/

26/10/2021 Effective portrait lighting using dedolight Lightstream
Cinematographer Ian Murray demonstrates how the dedolight Lighstream system can be used for effective portrait lighting. Ian demonstrates the unique quality which reflected light provides and how this can be controlled and manipulated. Ian Murray is one of the UK’s top cinematographers, having over 20 years experience working in high-end commercials and global campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, Nike, Apple and Guinness. Ian’s areas of expertise include food, hair, beauty, high-speed and table top cinematography. Follow Ian on Instagram: #setnotes Check out more from Ian ...

05/10/2021 Dedolight: Lighting with Polarised Light
Lighting cameraman, Pete Burns, explains and shows the results of using a polariser filter in front of a camera lens - and then takes this further to show how a polariser can be used in front of a light source. "The polariser maximises or minimises the polarised light effect. So with polarisers on lights we are able to control individually the direction and the amount of polarised light leaving each fixture." Using many examples we see how images can be improved using this technique - from removing glare from skin, objects, or artwork. Pete explains: "Lighting with polarised...

25/09/2021 Pete Burns: Lightstream Interview Kit
Lighting cameraman, Pete Burns, shows off the dedolight Lightstream system and how this can be used as a portable interview kit. Pete shows how an interview would be set up with individual light sources, and then using a single dedolight focussing light with parallel beam intensifier, shows how reflectors can be used in place of individual lights. Pete refers to the role of the parallel beam intensifier: "The parallel beam intensifier is where the magic happens: used on focussing dedolights it creates a near parallel beam of around four degrees. It also increases the light output dram...

14/09/2021 dedolight DLED3 Micro Kit
Lighting cameraman, Pete Burns, shows off the dedolight DLED3 Micro Lit, made up of 3 dedolight DLED3 bi-color light heads, with soft box attachments, power supplies, dedolight imager projection attachment, steel gobo holder with gobos and lighting stands. This compact Micro Kit is small but capable, providing all the elements needed in a compact package to enable you to work creatively in any location. The kit is full of great accessories, providing you with the tools to create compelling images without a truckload of equipment. Traveling light means you need to select your kit with care, ...