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27/02/2023 Tools for Table-Top Magic: demonstration by Francois Aubry
Recorded at the dedolight International Agent Meeting, September 2022, this demonstration shows many tools from the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system and how these can be used for high-class product lighting. Thanks to Francois Aubry for this fantastic demonstration showing what can be done with the right tools, knowledge and mindset! Based in Canada, Francois Aubry is a screenwriter, visual effects artist and filmmaker. Francois has worked in the film industry for over 35 years, extensively as a cinematographer and also in visual effects.
Duration: 08:50

05/10/2022 dedolight Scissor Clamp
Lighting Cameraman Pete Burns shows the benefits of Dedolight Scissor Clamps. With a shaft length of 6.25", the Dedolight Scissor Clamp with 5/8" Stud allows you to hang a light from the supporting framework that holds drop ceiling panels. Pete Burns, based in the Midlands, UK, has over 25 years of creative image making in broadcast and corporate television. Pete has filmed for all the major British broadcasters and many international channels. Check out more from Pete Burns at:
Duration: 01:18

18/09/2022 Backgrounds for Interviews
Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with great looking backgrounds to film interviews. Lighting Cameraman Pete Burns shows how. UK, Midlands based, Pete Burns has over 25 years of creative image making in broadcast and corporate television. Pete has filmed for all the major British broadcasters and many international channels. Whether part of a large crew or solo filming, Pete approaches every job with the same passion, always shooting sequences that cut together seamlessly. He is passionate about working with light and owns an extensive range of top-notch lighting equipment. ...
Duration: 03:48

20/07/2022 Introducing: dedolight Lightstream Table Top
Cinematographer Dedo Weigert demonstrates the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system, showing the individual pieces which makes up the system and how these work together. This range of tools is originally conceived to serve the traditional table top tasks, with an added variety of effects and efficiency, enhancing the creative approach, tremendously. In its basic configuration, the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system consists of 2 × 8 Watt Ledzilla focusing lights, which can be bi-colour lights. These lights can be fitted with the parallel beam intensifiers to co-operate with a ric...
Duration: 14:07

04/07/2022 Latest from dedolight: DTN Neo, Neo Color, Prolycht collaboration
Recorded at Cine Expo Europe in Munich, July 1 2022, this piece shows the latest developments from dedolight with the NEO family and Prolycht collaboration. Presented by Raffael Pollak, lighting designer at dedolight in Munich, we see the latest products and results which can be achieved. Also featured is dedolight optics on the Prolycht Orion 300 FS and Orion 675 FS lights.
Duration: 04:48

26/06/2022 Overview of the dedolight NEO family
This short video provides an overview of the dedolight NEO family. The dedolight NEO ballasts represent the next generation of dedolight technology, and will improve light control, dimming, and usability of LED lights across the dedolight range. We also see dedolight NEO color - the result of technological cooperation between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht. dedolight NEO color features six colour management guaranteeing accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs and also the magic of varying the gamut of a white point. These are latest tools coming to market from dedolight and the N...
Duration: 02:18

14/06/2022 A portrait of Dedo: photographer Paul Kohn
Behind the scenes showing photographer Paul Kohn at work, photographing Dedo Weigert, at Screencraft studios in Munich. Here we see Paul’s unique style and how he controls the light, using dedolight in combination with dedolight Lightstream, Efflect, and a table standing vertical to create a unique and perfect background. We see the setup, we see the result, and hear Dedo’s words throughout the photographic session. Thanks to Paul Kohn for making this short film possible, and showing his way of working. Paul Kohn is a Belgium based photographer. Check out more from Paul at: ht...
Duration: 02:21

01/06/2022 dedolight DTneoC ballast with DLED7C
Dedo Weigert Film are excited to introduce the color addition to their dedolight neo precision lighting instruments with the new dedolight neo color. dedolight neo color is the result of technological cooperation between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht. It features the superior six colour management engineered by Dr. Anqing Liu in his Hyperlight Engine. The red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime engine gives you the widest possible color gamut available today. This means we can Dedo Weigert Film GmbH guarantee accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs and also the magic of varying the...
Duration: 05:25

26/05/2022 dedolight DT-Neo family
Raffael Pollak, lighting designer at dedolight, runs through the new dedolight DT-Neo ballast and how this interfaces with the latest range of dedolight light heads. Now one universal ballast will drive all 34 of the latest dedolight LED lights from 20-90 watts, whether they are monocolor, bi-color, infrared or ultraviolet. The dedolight neo ballast represents the next generation of dedolight technology, and will improve light control, dimming, and usability of LED lights across the dedolight range. This is an important step forward and brings absolutely smooth dimming from 0.1% to ful...
Duration: 05:27

11/01/2022 Still image creation with dedolight and the dedolight Lightstream system
Belgium based photographer, Paul Kohn, explains how he works with dedolight and the dedolight Lightstream system: "I've worked with dedolight for a dozen years. The character of this light charmed me. I like to create an aesthetic image with a nice atmosphere. The Lightstream system creates a softness in the picture. The culmination gives a much more nuanced picture." "Here I would like to introduce you to the latest range of reflectors from dedolight. Combined with just one light. It's just fantastic." Paul Kohn We see many examples of Paul at work, behind th...
Duration: 03:28

16/11/2021 Lighting Set-up: creating the silhouette
This demonstration shows how easy it is to create an effective result with a minimal amount of equipment. This simple 2 light set-up, mixing tungsten and daylight, shows how to create a defined silhouette with lighting effect on the background. Equipment used: dedolight DLED4 Dedolight DLED4 with DP2.1 projector attachment
Duration: 01:18

26/10/2021 Effective portrait lighting using dedolight Lightstream
Cinematographer Ian Murray demonstrates how the dedolight Lighstream system can be used for effective portrait lighting. Ian demonstrates the unique quality which reflected light provides and how this can be controlled and manipulated. Ian Murray is one of the UK’s top cinematographers, having over 20 years experience working in high-end commercials and global campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, Nike, Apple and Guinness. Ian’s areas of expertise include food, hair, beauty, high-speed and table top cinematography. Follow Ian on Instagram: #setnotes Check out more from Ian ...
Duration: 05:07

16/05/2021 Light & Shadow Maker: dedolight DP2.1 imager
The dedolight DP2.1 imager is an attachment which fits onto either the tungsten DLH4 dedolight, or the newer DLED4 dedolight. The is a fantastic piece of equipment with enables light to be focussed onto a tiny area, no bigger than a matchhead, of the imager can be used project slides, or images printed on translucent material onto a background. Simply put, this unit lets you precisely project and control the placement of light. Cinematographer Alex Bercovitch shows the dedolight DP2.1 in use and the results that can be achieved. This is a unique product which turns either the tungsten DHL4, o...
Duration: 08:42

28/03/2021 Impressions of dedolight Litestream LITE
Litestream LITE is a set of lightweight reflectors with a coldshoe mount where you can attach a flex arm. 
Each reflector has a defined angle and quality of reflection. In this piece 3 separate reflectors are used, demonstrating the varying hard or soft qualities of each reflector. By shining light into reflector, the reflector can then be angled to redirect the light wherever this needs to be placed. The results speak for themselves. Beautiful shots of our subject at a piano, with what can be described an “naturalistic” “organic” lighting has been achieved. Als...
Duration: 04:53

23/03/2021 Lighting a miniature set: dedolight precision lighting long 12 min 56 secs
Filmed January 2020, this demonstration shows the lighting on a miniature set, and the precise and subtle details that can be achieved using the dedolight system. This piece demonstrates a mixture of tungsten and daylight, deliberately combined to create realistic and dramatic lighting on the miniature set. This is an intricate setup with startling life-like results. Dwight Campbell, Lighting Director, Chief Lighting Technician, demonstrates the lighting achieved with multiple dedolights, many with imager attachments with iris control and DPEye filters; Ledraptor 5 is used for overhead lig...
Duration: 12:56

11/03/2021 Re-creating different lighting styles: Boxing fight scene, the Western, The Thriller
In this piece, filmmaker Tibor Kormany, demonstrates how to re-create lighting in different genres: The “boxing” fight scene; The “western” style scene; The “thriller” style scene with moody, surreal lighting Thanks to Tibor Kormany for sending in the film which is one of the winners of the 2nd international dedolight competition, run in 2020. View more of the winning entries at:
Duration: 03:10

10/02/2021 Ian Murray, dedolight DLH4 in combination with the Lightstream system
Cinematographer, Ian Murray, explores using 4 x dedolight DLH4 lights in combination with the Lightstream system. The DLH4 , also known as the “classic” dedolight, is a 150 watt tungsten lamp, which works exceptionally well as part of the Lightstream system. The small size of the bulb results in a point source of light, which is focussed through a parallel beam intensifier, and then directed into a reflector; the tungsten light provides a beautiful, natural quality. In this demonstration 4 of the dedolight DLH4 lights are used, each with Parallel Beam Intensifier, directed into...
Duration: 09:32

01/02/2021 dedolight Lightstream, working with parallel beam and reflected light
Lightstream is a powerful reflecting system by dedolight that starts with a focussing light and a parallel beam intensifier. The light is focussed into a reflector and then redirected to wherever the cinematographer chooses. Different reflectors with varying amounts of reflective quality are used to direct the light. The reflectors have difference characteristics according to which numbered reflector you use. There are a total of 4 different reflectors shown in the demo, however, recently, dedolight have introduced a 5th reflector for the Lightstream system. The key to Lightstream is the pa...
Duration: 06:46

24/01/2021 Eflect, amazing background generator
Eflect enables the cinematographer to create controllable background patterns by focussing a dedolight into an Eflect pattern and then reflecting the result onto a wall or any surface - the results are unique and pleasing to the eye. Eflect can also be used to direct light onto subject and background at the same time. Using this method, interesting and different and results can be achieved. Eflect is available in large or small boards, with different surfaces in silver or gold, with specific mounted Eflect gels available for introducing different colours to the reflected patterns. “T...
Duration: 06:15

20/01/2021 Light into the ice, Lightstream in extreme environments
This fascinating mini-documentary filmed on location in Iceland, shows spectacular footage filmed deep inside ice caves, using the dedolight Lightstream system. Before and after examples are provided to show the results which can be achieved by adding light to the scene. Many of the images would not have been able to film without the lighting, as the environment would have been too dark to capture. Using DLED3 with multiple reflectors the light would bounce and diffuse to highlight the ice structures. Thanks to Louise Hickey and Stuart Pointon for providing this piece. Credits below for v...
Duration: 08:04

04/12/2020 Why do Barndoors have to be Square
Short film which shows the advantages the barndoors on the dedolight system have over those on conventional lights. Simply put - there is no comparison. The dedolight barndoors are flexible and can be positioned for creating shapes in a multitude of ways. Thanks to Francois Aubry, filmmaker, screenwriter & special effects artist for contributing this fantastic piece.
Duration: 01:32

29/11/2020 Journey into Lightstream, Cinematographer Ian Murray
Cinematographer, Ian Murray, demonstrates the dedolight DLH400D for traditional use as a small, powerful, versatile HMI light and also shows how this can be used as part of the dedolight Lightstream system. Lightstream uses a Parallel Beam Intensifier to focus the light into reflectors which then direct the light precisely wherever the cinematographer chooses. The result is an organic and realistic quality which is difficult to achieve with conventional lighting equipment. This demonstration shows how the DLH400D is used within the Lightstream system and the results which can achieved. Ian ...
Duration: 08:58

25/11/2020 Eflect, for creating beautiful background patterns and textures
Eflect enables the cinematographer to create controllable background patterns by focussing a dedolight into an Eflect pattern and then reflecting the result onto a wall or any surface - the results are unique and pleasing to the eye. In essence, Eflect is designed to be a background generator. Rather than have a subject in a room with bare walls, for example, why not introduce texture, colour and patterns to the background. The results can easily be changed and manipulated. Eflect can also be used to direct light onto subject and background at the same time. Using this method, interesting a...
Duration: 10:38

16/11/2020 How its done, precision 12 light setup
This demonstration, with a model car as a subject, shows the changes to mood and atmosphere that can be achieved by controlling the lighting, with details and explanation of how the results have been achieved. Focussing dedolights with imagers and DPEye filters are used in combination with Lightstream and Eflect. These elements, programmed with DMX control, come together to create the overall lighting effect. Raffael Pollak, Museum & Studio Lighting Designer at dedolight explains how this lighting setup works.
Duration: 06:06

10/11/2020 Absolute precision lighting with dedolight
Here we see a model car and how the mood and atmosphere can be changed by controlling the lighting. This requires an intricate lighting setup involving many Dedo focussing lights with imagers, DPEye filters and elements of Lightstream and Eflect. The movie above is a short promo - a complete movie on this subject to be shown very soon on
Duration: 02:05

31/05/2020 Daniel Norton: photography using Eflect
Photographer Daniel Norton shows how the dedolight Eflect system can be used to create unusual and intriguing patterns which can be projected onto both background and subject. This is alternative way to use the Eflect system, which most often has been used as a background generator. However you choose to use Eflect, this opens the door to tremendous creativity and something that will differentiate the lighting on the subject and/or background. **Daniel Norton** Daniel has 20+ years experience in the advertising and editorial markets. Known for his wide range and depth of lighting knowledge...
Duration: 21:20

18/05/2020 Angel Penchev, photographer: perfect precision which can only be achieved using dedolight
This film shows the perfect precision of dedolight. Using a model car as a subject, the photographer sets above lighting this. This is no ordinary model car. This is a Bugatti made up of over a thousand pieces. Angel Penchev: “This is the finest model Bugatti Royale Roadster Esders. It is a technical masterpiece which consists of 1382 single components. The objects itself is not easy to photograph at all - quite complicated shapes.” Using dedolight Imager, we can see the extreme detail that can be achieved with precision lighting. Bicolour lights are used to control colour tem...
Duration: 06:39

14/05/2020 Scott Wright: Photography & Video
Here we see creative professional, Scott Wright, at work, filming and capturing stills, with beautiful photogenic subjects to photograph. Scott is a creative professional who can do it all: he films, captures stills, lights, records audio - Scott understands the creative process and intuitively, through years of experience, knows how to get the shots. In this piece Scott works with dedolight Panaura 5, which provides a large light source, which is compact and moveable, considering the overall size of the light, and also quick to set-up. Other lights used: several dedolight DLH4 & TecPro...
Duration: 02:00

14/05/2020 Making of a Photograph with the dedolight Panaura 7
Still photography is looked on as pure art - press a button, capture a moment, and this is then recorded forever.... The viewer looking at a photograph will never know the time and effort that went into the capture of a moment. There could be intricate setups, or detailed planning. Whatever-the-case the process to capture the image doesn't matter - it is simply the result that is of consequence. However, for those of us with curious minds, the creative process is important. This film shows the time, effort, and planning that went into the creation of a single image, working with dedolig...
Duration: 01:23