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09/06/2024 Dedo Weigert interview BSC London 2024
Recorded at the BSC show in London early 2024, this interview with Dedo Weigert covers many subjects, including an overview of the dedolight Lightstream system, lighting for VR production, dedolight optics in combination with the latest range of dedolights, the new dedolight Flag system for controlling spill from reflected light. Thanks to Ian Murray for this fantastic interview. Ian Murray is one of the UK’s top cinematographers, having over 20 years experience working in high-end commercials and global campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, Nike, Apple and Guinness. Ian’s ar...
Duration: 18:20

21/02/2024 Cinematographers & Gaffers talk dedolight: in praise of perfection
This movie shows what dedolight is about. Covering all the major aspects of dedolight, told by cinematographers, gaffers, and those who work with the dedolight system, this provides a complete overview of the dedolight system - from the classic DLH4 tungsten light, to HMI lighting, soft light, LED light, reflected light, multicolored light... dedolight has been used in all areas of cinematography, from television to feature film production, news, corporates, events, product shots, photography... dedolight has been used in all areas of image creation. Featuring (in order of appearance): Roy H...
Duration: 11:57

01/01/2024 Welcome to 2024: a light-hearted start to the new year
Happy New Year to everyone from dedolight Welcome to 2024 with a light-hearted start to the new year… All the best for 2024 and beyond!
Duration: 02:46

02/12/2023 dedolight wins prestigious Bavaria export prize 2023
Watch video above, produced by Mediaschool Bayern, showing the success story of Dedo Weigert Film GmbH. This movie was shown at the awards ceremony on the evening of November 22, 2023 in the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria. Copyright: Bayern International GmbH; M94.5/MEDIASCHOOL Bayern This latest accolade awarded to Dedo Weigert Film GmbH was presented for the 16th time by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy together with the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Association of Bavarian Chambers of Crafts and in collaborat...
Duration: 03:02

28/05/2023 Garri Bardin: animation director, screenwriter, producer
Choose subtitles in English, German, Russian from the controls in the player above. Garri Yakovlevich Bardin is a Soviet and Russian animation director, screenwriter, producer and actor best known for his experimental musical and stop motion films. A master of detail, an experimenter and a minimalist, Garri Bardin has dedicated his life to making animation films stressing the theme of freedom (or lack of), from the Soviet times to this day.
Duration: 03:50

01/01/2023 Dedo Weigert Berlin, Dec 2022, a whole day on the subject of light
Highlight video of Dedo presenting in Berlin, December 2022 for a hands on work shop, a whole day on the subject of light. This provides a glimpse into equipment shown and the enthusiasm of those who attended. Lots more to come in 2023!
Duration: 02:38

14/06/2022 A portrait of Dedo: photographer Paul Kohn
Behind the scenes showing photographer Paul Kohn at work, photographing Dedo Weigert, at Screencraft studios in Munich. Here we see Paul’s unique style and how he controls the light, using dedolight in combination with dedolight Lightstream, Efflect, and a table standing vertical to create a unique and perfect background. We see the setup, we see the result, and hear Dedo’s words throughout the photographic session. Thanks to Paul Kohn for making this short film possible, and showing his way of working. Paul Kohn is a Belgium based photographer. Check out more from Paul at: ht...
Duration: 02:21

28/08/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements: 6 part special overview
Overview of the 6 part special, dedolight Optical Achievement, featuring excerpts from each segment. View entire 6 part special at following link:
Duration: 05:58

20/08/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements Part 6: HMI Technology
Although we are deeply immersed in LED technology and its undisputed values and advantages, there are still some traditional light sources that can be valued. Halogen can still be liked for its particular spectral and psychological values, and its emotional impact. Now, let’s talk about continued value of metal halide, the so-called HMI light sources which excel in the advantage of a very small light source, helping tremendously when applying advanced optical systems. I am very proud that after so many years we have now arrived at absolutely perfect color from our new metal halide lamps....
Duration: 10:36

11/08/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements Part 5: Soft Light

So far, we have been talking about our special optics and focusing lights. Those lights 
are mostly used for direct light, and they are also often called hard lights. 
The very same lights can also be fitted with soft boxes attached to the front of the focusing lights. At the same time we have dedicated soft lights that only function as soft lights in different sizes and different shapes. We have square soft boxes, rectangular soft boxes and octagonal ones. The octagonal soft boxes we also have in different varieties with halogen light sources, from 20 Watt all the way to 4,000 Watt. ...
Duration: 04:48

29/07/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements part 4: LED Lighting
Dedo Weigert discusses the development of different lighting technologies: from Halogen lamps to Metal Halide (HMI), and the long road to the perfection of LED technology. LED lights bring distinct advantages - the most obvious being: bi-colour lighting, low power consumption, and low heat output from the front of the light. This in combination with the fact that LED lights can be powered for long periods from battery power, makes these suitable and desirable for many filmmakers and crews. "It took us several years to perfect this technology, and we are proud to say that finally it all ...
Duration: 11:35

08/07/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements Part 3: Precision Lighting
For precision lighting a serious contribution may be seen in the character and performance of the beam deriving from all the 23 different dedolight focusing lights. They all follow the clean beam concept. Jürgen Jürgess, a famous German DoP defined this many years ago. It allows me to reach far-away parts of the set without spilling light on the remainder of the set, without creating unwanted extra shadows. Of course, also the physical and emotionally perceived aspects of perfect light and color distribution with no hotspots, no color fringing can be seen as advantages. The incr...
Duration: 06:33

16/06/2021 Introduction dedolight Optical Achievements: Parts 1 & 2
Here we feature parts 1 and 2 of the 6 part series: dedolight optical achievements. Presented by Dedo Weigert, cinematographer and inventor of the dedolight system, this introduction takes us on a journey to the early life of Dedo, who has filmed in over 40 countries, through to the introduction of the first dedolight, released in in 1984 and many of the developments which have come since. The dedolight optical system is known for perfect colour accuracy and smooth light distribution across the entire focus range. Combine the lighting instruments with the wide range of accessories availabl...
Duration: 07:26

16/06/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements Part 2: dual lens system with clean beam technology, HMI developments
In this piece we see how dedolight has developed from the first dual lens non-spherical light, with unprecedented focus range of 1:25, compared to 1:3 on standard Fresnel lights, right through to the development of metal halide lights, more commonly known as HMI. The dedolight optical system is known for precision with perfect colour accuracy and smooth light distribution across the entire focus range. Combine the lighting instruments with the wide range of accessories available from dedolight and you have a lighting system unlike any other on the planet.
Duration: 05:35

16/06/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements Part 1: Introduction
This is part 1, the first of a 6 part series: dedolight Optical Achievements. Presented by Dedo Weigert, cinematographer and inventor of the dedolight system, this introduction takes us on a journey to the early life of Dedo, who has filmed in over 40 countries. We see the prototypes of the first dedolight, released in in 1984 and many of the developments which have come since. "Like a little boy in the sandbox I have always played with and have created tools and unique practices... Today allow me to talk about my lights and tools of which many offer uses and practices in an innovati...
Duration: 02:00

12/05/2021 Dedo Weigert, 2021 BSC Bert Easey Technical Award for innovative concepts in furthering the Art of Cinematography
Dedo Weigert, awarded the Bert Easey Technical Award as part of the 3rd British Society of Cinematographers Awards 2021 . First presented in 1949, this award is named in honour of Bert Easey, who in 1947 was head of the camera department at Denham and Pinewood Studios. Bert Easey was integral in the formation of the BSC. The award is presented by the Board to an individual or company who has contributed something outstanding in the way of endeavour or equipment. Stills of the award and more at:
Duration: 07:00

24/05/2020 Dedo Weigert: Spirit of a Cinematographer
This is the story of Dedo Weigert, the man behind the dedo lighting system. This film tells of Dedo’s origins in small theatres, before apprenticing to cameraman John Baxter Peters. “I was lucky to find a wonderful teacher, a British cameraman by the name of John Baxter Peters. He had done everything, and he was a very wonderful teacher, he was a very hard worker, and I copied as best as I could what he did. He was critical, he was demanding and it was wonderful. And it also gave me experiences that were very surprising, very amazing.” This documentary provides a detailed...
Duration: 19:03

18/05/2020 Dedo as a young cameraman, early 1960s
Here we see a young Dedo Weigert with British cameraman John Baxter Peters, filming on location in the Russia in the early 1960s. This footage serves not only as a recording of Dedo as a young man, this also provides a glimpse into the past and how small crews on location worked when everything was shot on film equipment was very different to today.
Duration: 06:28