Although we are deeply immersed in LED technology and its undisputed values and advantages, there are still some traditional light sources that can be valued. Halogen can still be liked for its particular spectral and psychological values, and its emotional impact. Now, let’s talk about continued value of metal halide, the so-called HMI light sources which excel in the advantage of a very small light source, helping tremendously when applying advanced optical systems. I am very proud that after so many years we have now arrived at absolutely perfect color from our new metal halide lamps. For many years that was problematic, because the spectral distribution was very spiky, depicting the individual images of the chemical components and huge gaps in between. 

Today, we have an absolutely smooth color distribution, amazing and even, also showing very high color values in red R9 and blue R12. The most pleasing aspect of all this is that the perfect color remains unchanged all through the lifetime of these lamps. Combined with the advantages of the dedolight optical system and the three times focusing mechanism we achieve a focus range of 1:20, which for this kind of light is unprecedented and a tremendous advantage. 

Also, we may want to point out that the dangers usually associated with metal halide discharge light sources in the health hazards of short-wave ultraviolet are usually seen in its destructive capabilities regarding the lenses in the human eye, and also the danger potential for skin cancer. Due to our vast experience in museum technology we developed a very special filter technology that cuts the spectrum at 405 nm, and practically eliminates all ultraviolet and thus all the related dangers. In other words, other metal halide light fixtures from other manufacturers typically have a danger potential regarding ultraviolet that is 20 times higher than the one from our light. 

On top of all the known features with our imagers / projection attachments, nonspherical wide-angle attachments and the perfect color rendition, and all the other tremendous advantages that were awarded by the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and with an Emmy, now comes the true and latest miracle. 

Our so-called Parallel Beam Intensifier, which, especially with this light performs something unbelievable. When we implant this on the front end of the light, we don’t much change the exit angle, it remains close to 4 degree, but we enhance the light output by an unbelievable extra 500 percent. This is a tremendous help and a door-opener in the world of dedolight Lightstream, the world of reflected light, about which we are going to talk in the next chapters.


Aug 2021