So far, we have been talking about our special optics and focusing lights. Those lights 
are mostly used for direct light, and they are also often called hard lights. 
The very same lights can also be fitted with soft boxes attached to the front of the focusing lights.

At the same time we have dedicated soft lights that only function as soft lights in different sizes and different shapes. We have square soft boxes, rectangular soft boxes and octagonal ones. The octagonal soft boxes we also have in different varieties with halogen light sources, from 20 Watt all the way to 4,000 Watt. We have them in metal halide lights with 200 Watt, 2 x 400 Watt, and even up to 2 x 1200 Watt HMI. Those we named Panaura soft lights. They are built relatively shallow, and therefore can also be used in locations with a low ceiling, even when they are placed directly under the ceiling.

Now of course, we also have LED soft lights, mainly in bicolor version, and those we call Ledraptor. Panaura soft lights and Ledraptor soft lights are available in sizes with 3 ft (90 cm), 5 ft (150 cm), as well as 7 ft (210 cm) diameter. The bicolor Ledraptor soft lights can be used as main light source only.

Often our soft lights have been placed in great numbers all over the ceiling, to create the illusion of soft and gentle daylight, sometimes artistically mixed with some noticeable beams from focusing lights, to give character and mood. Often, the bicolor LED soft lights can be used in scenes that are lit with daylight or cooler color temperatures for a gentle smoothing effect. Within the same image to use light sources and light fixtures with different color temperatures can often add a special character to the scene and to our talent.

All of our soft lights can be fitted with grids, louvres, which narrow the exit angle to about 40 degree, keeping unwanted light away from the background or other parts of the scene.

That’s basically the range of our soft lights. How to define the character of a hard light or soft light will also be treated again when we talk about our dedolight Lightstream, the world of reflected light.


Aug 2021