The classic dedolight DLH4 was first brought to market in the mid-1980s and has become essential equipment for many lighting camera operators, crews, gaffers and cinematographers. In many countries this is standard equipment predominantly used by mobile TV crews
The DLH4 produces a clean beam of light which can be focussed into a tight spot, or spread wide with a 25:1 flood to spot range. If you need wider than is available natively out of the DLH4 a non-spherical wide-angle is available.

Further accessories include imager attachment to project gobos, patterns and slides; shutter attachment which enables precise light control; controllable barn doors like no other, light spreaders and the Parallel Beam Intensifier - this enables the DLH4 to be integrated with the dedo Lightstream system.

In short, the DLH4 began as a light with the cleanest beam and tremendous flood to spot range, and has grown into a product accompanied by accessories which take this light way beyond what other single lights on the market can do.
For more info: www.dedolight.de