dedolight Optical Achievements part 1: Introduction
This is part 1, the first of a 6 part series: dedolight Optical Achievements

Presented by Dedo Weigert, cinematographer and inventor of the dedolight system, this introduction takes us on a journey to the early life of Dedo, who has filmed in over 40 countries.

We see the prototypes of the first dedolight, released in in 1984 and many of the developments which have come since.

"Like a little boy in the sandbox I have always played with and have created tools and unique practices... Today allow me to talk about my lights and tools of which many offer uses and practices in an innovative and different approach."

Dedo Weigert
dedolight Optical Achievements part 2: dual lens system with clean beam technology, HMI developments
In this piece we see how dedolight has developed from the first dual lens non-spherical light, with unprecedented focus range of 1:25, compared to 1:3 on standard Fresnel lights, right through to the development of metal halide lights, more commonly known as HMI.

The dedolight optical system is known for precision with perfect colour accuracy and smooth light distribution across the entire focus range. Combine the lighting instruments with the wide range of accessories available from dedolight and you have a lighting system unlike any other on the planet.
dedolight Optical Achievements part 3: Precision Lighting
For precision lighting a serious contribution may be seen in the character and performance of the beam deriving from all the 23 different dedolight focusing lights.

They all follow the clean beam concept.
dedolight Optical Achievements Part 4: LED Lighting
Dedo Weigert discusses the development of different lighting technologies: from Halogen lamps to Metal Halide (HMI), and the long road to the perfection of LED technology.

LED lights bring distinct advantages - the most obvious being: bi-colour lighting, low power consumption, and low heat output from the front of the light. This in combination with the fact that LED lights can be powered for long periods from battery power, makes these suitable and desirable for many filmmakers and crews.
dedolight Optical Achievements Part 5: Soft Light
So far, we have been talking about our special optics and focusing lights. Those lights are mostly used for direct light, and they are also often called hard lights. The very same lights can also be fitted with soft boxes attached to the front of the focusing lights.

At the same time we have dedicated soft lights that only function as soft lights in different sizes and different shapes. We have square soft boxes, rectangular soft boxes and octagonal ones.
dedolight Optical Achievements Part 6 HMI Technology
Although we are deeply immersed in LED technology and its undisputed values and advantages, there are still some traditional light sources that can be valued. Halogen can still be liked for its particular spectral and psychological values, and its emotional impact. Now, lets talk about continued value of metal halide, the so-called HMI light sources which excel in the advantage of a very small light source, helping tremendously when applying advanced optical systems. I am very proud that after so many years we have now arrived at absolutely perfect color from our new metal halide lamps. For many years that was problematic, because the spectral distribution was very spiky, depicting the individual images of the chemical components and huge gaps in between.

Today, we have an absolutely smooth color distribution, amazing and even, also showing very high color values in red R9 and blue R12. The most pleasing aspect of all this is that the perfect color remains unchanged all through the lifetime of these lamps. Combined with the advantages of the dedolight optical system and the three times focusing mechanism we achieve a focus range of 1:20, which for this kind of light is unprecedented and a tremendous advantage.