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25/01/2022 Ledzilla: small, powerful, full-featured dedolight in miniature
dedolight Ledzilla is the smallest of the lights in the dedolight range. Despite the small size Ledzilla is a full featured dedolight in miniature. dedolight Ledzilla is available in several versions, most commonly used are the bi-color or daylight versions: *DLOBML-BI - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light (2700-6500K)* *DLOBML2 - 8w, Ledzilla LED Focusing Light, Daylight Balanced (5600K)* *DLOBML-BI-POL - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light with Drop-Down Polarizer (2700K-6500K)* Ledzilla is powerful and versatile and works with a wide range of attachments, including: 8-lea...
Duration: 00:58