Sean Boyriven from dedolight California runs through key accessories for the dedolight range; these accessories differentiate the dedolight system from other lighting systems on the market and completely redefine what the dedolights are capable of doing.

The following accessories are shown and demonstrated:

*Wide angle lens attachment*: increases the spread of light substantially, depending which dedolight you are using. In most cases the increase is from a maximum of 60 degrees to 90 degrees in flood position - which means you can fill an entire wall with light without too much trouble. The wide angle lens features rotating 8-leaf barn doors, enabling unique angles of lights and custom shapes to be created. These barn doors are far more controllable that standard barn doors; in combination with the wide angle attachment spectacular results can be achieved.

*Beam spreader*: this slides in front of the dedolight, the result can be seen when spotting or flooding the light: the result is a narrow or wide strip of light will be produced. This can be rotated and positioned wherever you wish and is perfect for creating a controllable strip of light within the frame. The results are quick and easy to achieve and can be immediately seen.

*DP1.1 imager*: allows the projection of gobos, patterns, and slides with perfect resolution

*DP2.1: dedicated shutter projector* - allows you to control shapes by cutting light with fine detail and precision

*Parallel Beam Intensifier*: this is a large lens which attaches to the front of a dedolight and redefines what the light can do. By putting the light into flood position the result is a very focussed, parallel source - this can then utilised as part of the Lightstream system. By focussing the light into a Lightstream reflector, this light can then directed wherever the cinematographer chooses. The result is a totally different quality of light, unique to Lightstream.

*Soft box attachment*: turn your hard dedolight into a soft light. The soft box works on the classic sized heads and provides a quick and easy way of creating soft light or hard light from a single light source.

“If I was to tell you you could take the projector off of that light and then turn it into a shutter system and then turn it into a focussing that does more than any native focussing light can do; and then you can turn it into a beam intensifier and then you could use to it reflect off of Lightstream reflectors to create more lights out of a single source. And then I could tell you you could put a wide angle attachment in order to flood it out to 90 degrees; and then you can use barn doors that are more optimised than anything else to just create simple slashes. If I could show you every single accessory that you could put onto a dedolight I think you would find yourself in the most flexible and creative situation possible with the best possible outcome.”

*Sean Boyriven*

Presented by Sean Boyriven, from dedolight California. Sean is well-familiar with the advantages and tremendous potential which the dedolight system brings and is always happy to talk about and show these products in action dedolightcalifornia.com


Jul 2021