The Wayward Light - this is the unruly light that behaves like a nasty child and wants to run wherever you do not want it to go. In this case, we’re talking about controlling and educating the light to perform the way we need it.

In this video many different tools, exclusive to dedolight, are presented and shown. Using these tools it it possible to control the "wayward light" and make it behave how we need it.

Some of these tools are established, others are brand new and are being shown for the first time in this video.

The dedolight Parallel Beam Intensifier, which magically increases the light output many times beyond the spot performance, thus making the light, with the parallel beam intensifier, a mighty tool in the world of reflected light systems.

The Framing Intensifier. It really looks like a very big gun on a small device. It is an absolute optical marvel but it will work exclusively attached to one of our focusing lights and it will allow us to light a highly defined area with super high intensity.

The new dedolight Flag system for reflected light, patent applied for, can be used for getting rid of all the parasitic light that would otherwise go up down left right of the reflector. No more extra stands needed, mission accomplished.

There is a special setup of the four flag system, demonstrated in the video above, and the appropriate holding devices and a few simple accessories that can all be placed on a single crossbar with four studs holding four reflectors. which usually leaves a fifth stud to attach a fifth reflector; a smaller reflector can be placed in addition to create a particular accent or highlight, so that adds the whole group of reflectors and even an Efflect can be added, all using a single lighting stand or suspension.

This represents a very serious step forward.


May 2022